icon How to start

LOTTOmania supports 200 lotteries around the world.
In order to use the software you have to select at least one game from the list of supported lotteries.

My games - menu option

Find and select your game on the list.

Supported lotto games

Click on the "move" button

Add lottery to the list

You will see your game on the list on right.

Lotto games list

To add another game(s) just select them and click on the "move" button.
To select more than one item hold down the CTRL key and click on another item.

ct lottery

When you click on the Save button the software will download historical results for selected games.
You can use the combobox to switch between games.

Switch between lotto games

To alter lottery settings click on the "Settings" button

Lotto Settings

If you want to alter some settings then find and click on the game you want to adjust on the list. Alter e.g. the highest number and click on the next game on the list to save changes. If your game is not on the list of supported games you can add a new game by clicking on the "Add a new game" button. Then define all the settings.

mega-millions settings