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  • Wheel generator
    Wheeling system generator

    LOTTOmania is able to generate almost any wheeling system you want. You can create a lotto system with your own numbers.

  • Ticket Wizard
    Suggested Numbers Wizard

    Suggested Numbers Wizard uses all analysis tools available in LOTTOmania to pick lotto numbers for you.

  • Neighbouring Numbers Strategy
    Neighbouring Numbers Strategy

    One of the best lotto strategy is to use the previous day's winning numbers. The NNS uses numbers from 2 last draws

  • Hit Frequency
    Hit Frequency & Rank Analysis

    If you like statistics, graphs, charts LOTTOmania offers a wide range of lotto analysis tools.

  • The Ticket Manager
    The Ticket Manager

    If you play lots of numbers the Ticket Manager is an excellent tool to organize all the tasks you need to perform.

  • Play slip settings
    Bet slip settings

    In order to print directly on lottery play slips you need to setup your printer to match the play slip.

  • Import Custom Wheels
    Import Custom Wheels

    LOTTOmania has the ability to import your favorite wheeling systems. You can simply copy and paste a system directly from a webpage or import from a text file.

  • Download Results
    Download Results

    You can download and update results for all games with just one click.

  • Print winning numbers
    Print winning numbers

    You can use this feature to print historical winning numbers